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During his time of growing this organization, Marat Tsirelson began another endeavor, taking on the role of a managing member at IREIT LLC. Starting in 2008 and still lending an occasional hand, Marat also built this real estate investment trust from the ground up, exercising his abilities in business growth and real estate. A few years later, Marat also became a managing member of Bank REO Servicing LLC. This role served well in growing his involvement in investing, as he bore the responsibility of the inbound and outbound trades of non-performing assets.

Marat began to grow his industry contacts by the handfuls as he progressed in this role, partnering with banks, hedge funds, institutions, and sellers of individual and bulk assets. Marat Tsirelson took on daily tasks including prospecting, marketing, loan structuring, sales assistance, valuations, and more in this position.

In 2013, Marat began a venture that now makes up most of his professional life. Marat began building a brand new mortgage organization during that year, The Lending Group. As the company owner, he formed this company from scratch using his previous experience and knowledge of the market to assist in this new career goal. Having established a reputable presence in this field, Marat began utilizing his industry contacts to grow his company. He has grown a bracket of customers and real estate agents who rely on him for his mortgage knowledge.

Marat Tsirelson spends the majority of his day helping people get financing for their homes and speaking from the perspective of someone who has dealt with mortgages for the entirety of their career. His direct mortgage involvement includes FHA, Conventional, Jumbo, and VA financing for residential and commercial lending.


Marat Tsirelson is leading a successful career in home financing and real estate development just outside of the historic city of Philadelphia. In nearly two decades, he has held various management positions and has established a knowledgable presence in the ever-changing market. Rewinding to 2003, Marat worked as the Vice President of South Florida operations for Money Warehouse Inc., where his contributions served well in establishing a physical presence in this market. In 2007, he took his expertise to GMA Mortgage Inc., building this new mortgage organization from the ground up. Marat held responsibility for the daily operations, early on negotiations, recruiting efforts, and overseeing performance.

Marat acts as a real estate developer in the Philadelphia suburbs, building homes in these thriving neighborhoods outside of his mortgage expertise and guidance. He has been closely following the fluctuating housing market and the external factors affecting this field. The potential for professionals in this field is more significant than ever before, and Marat feels more than content in having chosen this dynamic career field to be a part of.

To gain more insight into his expertise in the field, visit back regularly for recurring blog posts surrounding real estate.

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